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Import and Export Spreadsheet



You can easily convert a spreadsheet into a online form for data capture. Use the column header row in your spreadsheet to define your form labels. Importing you spreadsheet will create the form for you and import existing data.

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Online Examination System for Google Apps For Education

Online Examination System for Google Apps For Education– Case Study


This online examination system provides students the ability to take online exams for various tests such as bank po online, gmat online and other net online exams. Tests can be created by an administrator using the test builder interface. A certificate and ranking for the test is also provided to the candidate which contains detail about the test taken. This application provide ...

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Form Builder Code – Using Hidden variables

To store custom or hidden variables on  a form you need to first add a “Single Line Text” form element on the form. Next you need to select the option “Hide from user” on the left side when the field is selected. The “hide from user” option allows you to store value in a form without displaying it to the end user. Only administrators can view this object’s data.



After you have ...

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Online Database Builder

Creating database apps with 1-1 or 1-many table mapping is a breeze now with the new app builder and online database builder.

Here is an example of a purchase order process that can be created without any coding -

Database Tables

1. Purchase order header -


2. Purchase order items

3. Finally you have the complete app as shown below


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Mobile App For Business

Koshha App Case Study


Koshha is a mobile app for business to create processes to capture user data and store it in the database. The processes are created by reading the pre-formatted config text file and the screens of the processes are displayed on the device according to data given in text file. Other similar native application in the market have a fixed format in which data can be captured but in this ...

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Web form templates


Web form templates with Workflow

If you looking to develop app with rules, notifications and approvals built in, you can build these and many other erp processes on the one app cloud platform. Web form templates and workflow samples are provided below.

Contact us for more information.

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Create field and page level rules for a form?

Create field and page level rules for a form?

To setup conditional handling in your forms, you need to configure “Page” level or “Field” level rules. The following steps will guide you to setup conditional handling of fields in your forms in the html generator designer view -

  • Click on the “Form Builder” button at the top.
  • Click “Settings” option in form list table.
  • Navigate to the Rules  tab

Field level rules

Add condition according to your requirement and make field visible or hidden depending upon that condition. If condition is true rule applies ...

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Survey Forms Online

Many times you need the ability to pre-fill user information like email and first name for your survey forms.  The can be easily achieved by first retrieving the unique id for the form element that you wish to pre-fill. The unique id is available on the left toolbar after you select a form element, as shown below



Once you have the uniqueid the next step is to build the form URL value ...

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Adding a Like/Dislike button on a form

Many times its easy to collect user feedback via a simple Like/Dislike widget. With the form elements available you can do this easily by using the Like/Dislike widget from the fancy fields toolbar on the left -


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Platform API to access data from external applications

You can access data stored on the one app cloud servers from other applications including mobile and  custom applications.
To do so, you need to use the platform API. The API is accessible in test mode at the following URL -

The first step is to login to the platform API and retrieve the ApiKey as shown below -



After login, use the ApiKey to retrieve data on objects likes - Users, ...

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