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How to build cloud computing applications on amazon ec2

How to build cloud computing applications with One App Cloud on amazon EC2

This blog outlines the architecture used for deploying the one app cloud platform on the amazon ec2 infrastructure and building cloud computing applications. It also outlines the questions any business owner should ask before moving to the cloud.

One App Cloud Architecture

One App Cloud platform is:

  • Multi-tenant
  • Run on Amazon EC2
  • Support desktop, ...
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Developing cloud applications – Service Models


The service models defined by various cloud providers on the cloud computing platforms are

  • Infrastructure as a service [IaaS] – CPU, Storage, System software offered as a service (Amazon WS, Mosso)
  • Platform as a service [PaaS]- A development platform offered as a service (Salesforce’s, Google App Engine, Microsoft Azure)
  • Software as a service [SaaS] – Applications offered as a service (, SAP sales on demand, iTunes etc)
  • Others – Database as a service (DaaS) (Amazon Simple DB,, CouchDB) ...
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Developing cloud applications – benefits of SaaS


The key benefits of organizations moving to the cloud are:

  • Reduced TCO – The total costs of ownership including cost of procuring hardware and software licenses are reduced. Capital expenses are converted into operational expenses saving upfront costs to companies.
  • Easier Implementation and Rollout – Most cloud applications offer baseline applications with best practice templates. The average time it takes to go-live on the cloud is significantly less than the traditional on premise model
  • Less IT involvement – Cloud ...
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Developing cloud applications – Key takeaways and top cloud apps

Key takeaways and top cloud apps

With cloud based applications now mainstream, organizations looking to innovate while keeping their costs low should look at the cloud based model. There are a number of options available from vendors providing IaaS, PaaS and SaaS on the cloud and with a healthy ecosystem of partner solutions that fill the gaps not addressed by the vendors. Consider the following questions while evaluating a cloud based solution

  • Will business users use the solution from the ...
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Developing Cloud Applications – Cloud Pricing Model

Pricing Models

The pricing of cloud providers, especially when it comes to infrastructure varies across different providers. While looking across different service models and comparing providers it become apparent that the infrastructure costs (IaaS) is the most complex to calculate. Before deciding on how to build cloud applications you should evaluate the complete stack and the various options each provider offers.


1. PaaS – Development platforms offered as a service. Since they are targeted for individual developers these ...

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Developing Cloud Applications – Enterprise Cloud Strategy

Developing an enterprise cloud strategy

Organizations looking to move to the cloud for business will be able to utilize cloud services already available in a subscription model. The cloud paradigm will let companies move from building software to assembling solutions. This will enable them to focus on their core businesses while leveraging best of breed solutions available on the cloud.

No longer is a traditional 6-12 month implementation cycle is required to procure licenses and implement the software. ...

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Developing cloud applications – Key characteristics


A variety of acronyms are used while defining a number of services that are available on the cloud. There are some broad and widely used categories that define the end to end view of cloud, from infrastructure providers to application services. These categories are provided below:

IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)

  • Resources provided as services
  • Dynamic Scaling and Elasticity
  • Pay per usage model
  • Multi tenancy – Single instance serving multiple customers
  • Enterprise grade infrastructure – Data center infrastructure, high availability and redundancy provided

PaaS ...

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Developing cloud applications – Introduction

Developing cloud applications – Introduction

The cloud computing paradigm is revolutionary as it provides computation, software, data access and storage as services rather than products.

Software as a service (SaaS) has become a popular delivery model for business applications including accounting, invoicing, collaboration, CRM, ERP, HR and Content Management.

SaaS is a key segment of the cloud computing stack as it offers the applications for end users to interact with.

To understand how cloud based applications offered as SaaS differ from some of the other offerings it is ...

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Import and Export Spreadsheet



You can easily convert a spreadsheet into a online form for data capture. Use the column header row in your spreadsheet to define your form labels. Importing you spreadsheet will create the form for you and import existing data.

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Online Examination System for Google Apps For Education

Online Examination System for Google Apps For Education– Case Study


This online examination system provides students the ability to take online exams for various tests such as bank po online, gmat online and other net online exams. Tests can be created by an administrator using the test builder interface. A certificate and ranking for the test is also provided to the candidate which contains detail about the test taken. This application provide ...

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